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SCORM/AICC compliant eLearning

ABP Learning has extensive experience in the development of SCORM and AICC compliant eLearning modules and learning management systems. In addition, we have a keen interest in the progress of xAPI (the next generation of SCORM). We specialize in continuing medical education.

3D animation

For nearly twenty years, our internationally recognized, award winning animation studio has produced high quality animations that explain concepts of medicine, science and biotechnology. ABP aims to make complex subjects understandable, from genetics and DNA to endochondral ossification or the latest heart replacement technology.Our eLearning animations can be custom built or purchased from our online store here.

The more complicated the topic or product, the greater the need for animation to simplify how it works. Discuss your animation project with us and connect to our here to view some of our work.

Content development

Go no further if you are looking for a partner who can deliver programs from concept to roll-out. Our team of talented RACGP-accredited medical and scientific writers and technical editors are well placed to develop original content about your specialty area as well as having years of experience writing for eLearning environments. Working alongside a team of project managers and developers, our team of writers and editors will create eLearning content to bring your eLearning systems or animation concept to life.

eLearning needs assessment

If your organization is undergoing an eLearning restructure or is considering a change in LMS or development platform, ABP Learning have experience in conducting an assessment of your current eLearning landscape and providing recommendations on the most effective way forward for your organisation. We have expertise in troubleshooting issues relating to the stability and connectivity of eLearning running on LMS as well as auditing the technical aspects of eLearning to maximise compatibility with the end user environment.

Induction and compliance training

Immerse learners into your organisation and help them achieve compliance. Such ‘onboarding’ techniques are proven to improve the successful integration of staff.

Digital library

ABP maintains an extensive digital library of medical and scientific animations and images for all your content requirements. Some of these are available for purchase through our online store.